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Sunday, September 20th - 9am to 6pm

Smoke Painting and Raku Glazing

Participants will learn to:

1. "Smoke paint" using horsehair and feathers to burn designs in the clay.

2. Learn to read the firing and learn when to pull the pots.

3. Encourage crackle formation in a glaze.

4. Learn to read a glaze recipe and weigh chemicals.

Call or email for more information, space is limited.


Click here for Registration Form

28th Annual "Cracked Pot" Sale and Open House

'LIGHT' Long Story...........

Saturday, December 12, 2009 from 8-11 am

No postcards this year and just a few "cracked pots", but in appreciation to my customers, most of the stoneware will be 25% off with the exception of the large pierced pieces and new raku.

There will be cake and hot cider and you can see "The Vent That Stole Christmas".

Long Story...The Vent That Stole Christmas

When the kiln was moved from the old kiln shed to the new, the design of the new building was different from the old shed and it turned out that the building was just too hot when the kiln fired. In 2007, I fired the kiln several times, but it was so hot the sap was boiling out of the joists and at the end of my only firing in 2008, the smoke alarm went off and I knew it was only a matter of time before the flash point of the wood was so low it would burn. So, I decided to replace the wood joists with steel and called several local builders. One returned my call, came out and said he would do the job, get and steel and start right away. Ha! Never showed up. That took 3 months. Plan B. A vent over the kiln was the next best choice. Sounds simple so I called Custom Steel Boats in Merrit and they said they'd do it but couldn't until September. I then called four heating and air conditioning contractors and two never returned my calls, one said he'd be out in the morning, HA!! and Scott Plumbing and Heating came out right away. After researching kiln vents, I ended up talking to a potter in China and he gave me some great information. We settled on a design and found the high temperature refractory blanket fabric in Atlanta. Sean Scott and his men built a beautiful vent that fits over the entire kiln. So I thought I was back in business and would have at least one firing out by the Open House, but no.......... The special stack material was back ordered for 8 weeks. So, no new stoneware but new raku and lots of ideas I'll work out in 2009.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VISITORS:  The studio is open daily on a self serve basis.  If you want to be certain I will be in the studio, please call and let me know when you would like to come out.  I am happy to explain whatever process is happening that day. 

"Natural Instincts" Clay Conference:  June 26, 27, 28th at Duke Labs, North Carolina Aquarium, Elizabeth Priddy Studios, in Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and Beaufort, NC.  Sponsored by the "Potter's Council" an arm of the American Ceramic Society this workshop is for potters interested in learning about techniques utilized by 5 potters whose work is inspired by the environment of Eastern North Carolina.   I will be presenting  techniques I use to make tools for forming my lanterns and how to use them to transform the thrown pot. 

Texture tool making Workshop - Saturday January 20, at Art and Materials on Middle Street in New Bern, NC.  $75.00 call for information.


This year while the workhorse gas kiln was moved and rebuilt, in addition to new raku work I was able to pull together a major project I'd been playing with for a couple of years.  I wanted to use the metallic iridescence of raku in a sculpture of a fish, combined with copper sheeting, mesh and wire.  I had been working out the logistics with smaller pieces learning how to handle the new medium and finally put it all together. 

Bernie Harberts camping out at the Pottery
Adventurer, Bernie Harberts camped out at the Bay River Pottery on his shake down mule cruise to Aurora, NC, and back.  (Click on image to enlarge)

Bill and Jack warming up for the trip to Aurora, NC
Bill and Jack getting ready for their part of the adventure.  Visit Bernies web site RiverEarth.comto follow the adventure from Canada to the Gulf.  (Click on image to enlarge)

People Celebration Vessels
Candace is making personalized vessels to celebrate the lives of people we love. More and more people share her dislike of the traditional funeral process and want an alternative to a mass produced urn or box.  They prefer to honor their loved ones before they die. Few people want to deal with these issues themselves so it helps to have someone else arrange the details.  (Click here for details)

Pet Celebration Vessels
For years now, people have been buying my pottery to contain the cremated ashes of their beloved pets.  They are invariably in turn apologetic and embarrassed to tell me their purpose, yet I am pleased to know that they have chosen a piece of mine for something so important to them.  I now look forward to these requests. I can offer a … more personalized service Knowing that people will appreciate the permanence of incorporating their pet’s physical essence with the vessel.

The New Studio during first snow, and moving day

Pictures of the New Studio during the first snow of the season, and the chaos of moving day.

Candace does a Jackson Pollack floor treatment in new studio

Candace does a Jackson Pollack treatment to the new studio's display area.

AgriCultural Tour from Duplin and Onslow counties visited the new studio.  The North Carolina Cooperative Extension's SE District arranged the tour of 45 people to see the studio and other points of interest in Pamlico County.  Candace did a throwing and piercing demonstration.  Fortunately, we had not moved in yet, and were able to accommodate them in a semi finished state.  (Click on image to enlarge)

Tour group from Duplin and Onslow counties (Click on image to enlarge)
The Red Hat Ladies of New Bern visit the studio, and get a group picture with "Bruno" and his boa. (Click on image to enlarge)
Red Hat Ladies of New Bern with Bruno
Bay River Pottery remains the only "free range" pottery in the country, if not the world!!

All Thumbs????  Click here for insights.

Candace has just introduced an Ikebana Vase.  See this link for more..........
(click on image to enlarge)

Candace was selected by “Pottery Making Illustrated”, a sister publication of “Ceramics Monthly“, to be included in their Online July Issue.  The article features studio Web sites and pottery work related to the Garden.
The article can be found at Pottery Making Illustrated  and reviews a number of web sites with Garden specific work.
Her work was also selected this year to be included in a book by designer Virginia Essler called "Know your Furnishings" available in September from

 TalismanFlower Arrangers

Tile Flower Arranger with Horsehair Tiles (Click on image to enlarge)

Horsehair &

Tile Flower Arranger (Click on image to enlarge)


Tile Flower Arranger (Click on image to enlarge)


Small Tile Flower Arrangers (Click on image to enlarge)

Frogs and


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