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Candace Young's early education began in the basement where her mother sent her (often) to play or as banishment for doing rotten kid things.  Rita, her mother,  provided modeling clay and soon Candace had the distinction of having created the very best bunkhouse in the wild, wild west of Long Island, NY.  She made frying  pans with bacon and eggs and peas for a side dish.  Candace also had an assortment of cowboy clothes hanging in the closet, all made out of clay.  Her bales of straw in the barn were works of art and the apples and carrots for her favorite plastic horses were perfection.  Young also was master of mud pies and spent long hours sculpting mud things.  She didn't know that you could actually get a degree in mud pies until she had already chosen her other favorite thing, music.  Fortunately, (didn't seem so at the time) the availability of music jobs in the 70s was zero which led her to Special Education which led her to clay.  Took a six week class on Staten Island, NY, bought a wheel and never looked back.  She taught Special Education for 8 years while working on skills and seeking her own voice in clay.

B.S. in Music Education, Wagner College, NY, 1970
M.Ed.. in Special Education, University of North Florida, 1974


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Juried Art Show participation since 1976.  Among them:

 Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA
 Guild Hall Invitational, Easthampton, NY
 Southamption Art Show, NY
 Corn Hill Art Show, Rochester, NY
 Allentown Art Festival, NY
 Sugarloaf, Frederick, MD
 Crozet Art Show, VA
 Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show, VA
  Waterford Trust Craft Show, Juried demonstrator, VA
 Stockley Gardens, Va  Best in Clay   1997
 Syracuse Arts Festival, NY     Award of Distinction, 1988; 
 Merit Award 1998   and Best Booth 1998
 Sugarloaf, Manassas, VA
 East Lansing Art Show, MI
 Art n Apples, Rochester, MI
 Summerfair Art Show, Cincinnati, OH
 Lee Sidewalk Art Show, Best in Clay, 1991, Ft. Myers, FL
 Maitland Arts Festival, FL
 Las Olas Art Festival, FL
 Naples Art Festival, FL
 Key Biscayne Art Show, FL
 Old Hyde Park Art Show, FL
 Marco Island Guild Art Show, FL
 Vero Beach Art Show, Fl
 Atlanta Festival of the Arts, GA
 Shadyside Art Show, Pittsburgh, PA
Young has been a full time Studio potter since 1981, working part time in clay since 1970.  After thirty years of involvement with clay, she finds great pleasure still in touching clay and enjoys the dance with ideas which have been building in her mind's eye for so many years.  They are illusive and flirt with her conscious mind and she has learned to let them be, as they come to fruition only when they will.

The challenge has been to balance the very real need for commercial success and personal fulfillment.  As a  predominately functional potter, the difficulty presented is, that in order to remain excited about functional pottery, one must continually seek to design work which is fresh and different.   During the 80s and early 90s, she concentrated on straight forward functional work which served her well .  However; with the increase in competition from machine manufactured pottery, it has become necessary to create more complicated pieces.  Most of Young's work contains elements of carved or pierced design, and for the past few years,  she has been concentrating on ash glazes which are more organic to the touch and eye.  Most of the work Young has done since 1991 has become more complicated in execution and remains functional only as an aside.

In addition to functional stoneware pots, Young has been playing with the "Japanese Raku" technique on an ever increasing basis.  After spending years developing a successful line of functional stoneware,  working in Raku has become a means of freedom to play with color, texture and form, without a care as to the work's functional aspects.

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