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Welcome to the Pierced Gallery

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Patio Lantern (Not Listed in Order Online)
This Patio Lantern is designed for candles or can accommodate low voltage or electric lighting.    (~26" h. x 12" dia. lid)   $450 plus shipping and handling.  This item is for sale at our studio and at Art shows, shipping by commercial packer required.   Also, see Pierced on the Techniques page, and Making a Lantern

A grouping of Patio Lanterns (Click on image to enlarge)A grouping of finished Patio Lanterns.   Please call for details. (252) 745-4749 or send an email

A Patio Lantern with low voltage lighting and a dusk to dawn transformer. Makes a pleasant greeting at night.  (Click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Turquoise Patio Lantern (Click on image to enlarge)
Lighted Patio Lantern  (Click on image to enlarge)
Shadow Lamps
This pierced box is designed to hold a candle and when lighted in a darkened room will reflect the cutout shapes on the walls and ceiling.  The top lifts straight up and either a votive candle or tea light can be used effectively.  Keep in mind that while the bottom of the box stays cool, the top gets very hot. Click on the first image for the next page.

Large and Small Shadow Lamp Grouping (Click here for the next page)
Lighted Hearts Shadow Lamp (Click on image to enlarge)
Lighted Heart 
Lighted Triangles Shadow Lamp (Click on image to enlarge)
Lighted Triangle
The photo contains Shadow Lamps.  The Shadow Lamp Large (~ 6.5" dia. x  5" h.) is $60.00, Small is $45 plus S & H.    Click on imags  to enlarge. Shadow Lamps are available by Special Order Only, please email, call or write us.
Shadow Lamps are available in the following designs:
1.  Soft Triangles   4.  Hearts
2.  Leaf                 5.  Phildendron
3.  Loop Flower      6.  Swirled Tear Drop
Color Choices:
Turquoise (Matte)
Cream Toast
Shiney Green
Soft Blue (Matte)
Black (Matte)
Carved Lid Boxes
These boxes are one-of-a-kind examples of carving.  Each lid took hours to carve free hand.  Click on image to enlarge.  Press BUY to purchase these items.
Sunflower Lid Box
Turquoise Sunflower Lid Box
SFV (9 1/2" Dia. x 7"H)
Sunflower Lidded Box
Turquoise Sunflower Lid Box
SFV02 (7" Dia x 4 1/4"H)
Carved Herron Lidded Box
Brown Herron Lid, Black Box
Herron (9 1/2" Dia. x 5 1/2"H)
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