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Welcome to the Horsehair Gallery

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My most recent obsession has been the "Mustang Sally" series.  These raku vessels are made without glaze and their only design comes from being "kissed" by the smoke of  horsehair and other types of hair.  These are my quiet pots,  which are like soft earth jewels.  Simple shapes, hours of polishing the clay to obtain a sinfully smooth surface, a brief affair with the fire and smoke, then a long deep massage with wax to bring out the luster.  Also, see Horsehair  in the Techniques page and the Horsehair Firing Demonstration page. 
                                      Horsehair Bottles
These 2x3' - 3x5" bottles with clay stoppers and jingle shell filials will hold sand from your favorite beach, a treasured pair of earrings or whatever bauble needs a good home.  The jingle shells are antiques gathered at my favorite beach in 1968. 
Horse Hair Pots with Jingle Shell Lids
Black Rim Horse Hair Pot
Black Rim Horse Hair Vase


Black Base Horse Hair Pot
Black Base Horse Hair Vase
Black Rim Horse Hair Pot
Black Rim Horse Hair Vase
HH04 (5"Dia.x5"H)
Lidded Horse Hair Vase
Lidded Horse Hair Vase
LHH01 (7 1/2"Dia. x 5 1/2"H
Lidded Horse Hair Vase
Lidded Horse Hair Vase
Turquoise Base Horse Hair Rim Vase
Turquoise Base Horse Hair Vase
HH05 (5" Diax5"H)
Horsehair Flower Arranger
This vase is a flower arranger with a matte black stoneware form to hold water and a choice flower.  The top of the arranger is a clay slab fired using the horsehair raku technique which gives the piece a quiet oriental flavor.  These pots are definitely one of a kind and are $45.00
plus S & H.
Horsehair Raku Flower Arranger (click on image to enlarge)
[Click on Image]
Thanks to my niece, who when nagged, will save her horses' hair for me; to my friends who save "brush" hair and to our sweet Pagan whose hair touches every piece and so lives with us forever.

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