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At 11:00, 19 October 2005, we got the kiln airborne!  The crew showed up on time, it had not rained in 5 days, and the ground and weather were perfect for lift off. 

At 11:00 am we started to lift her.
Lift off at exactly 11:00.  We setup earlier and waited for the advertized time so the media and guests could witness the evolution. 
Setting it down to reposition the crane
Son-in-law, Hannes, watches as the kiln is set down after a 180deg. swing.
The kiln weighs 5000#, and the crane had to reposition, to keep it stable before going over the roof of the new studio.
Kiln over the roof peak of new studio
This is the scariest part, as it is over the peak of the studio.
Lowering the kiln on the other side of the studio.
Lowering the kiln on the other side of the studio.
Lining her up on the marks
I drew 4 magic marker lines on the concrete block base, the kiln is 1/2" above the block.
Positioning the kiln exactly
We align it to the marks, 1/4" above the blocks, no more hand signals, we ask someone from the audience to tell the crane operator to lower it to the final resting place.
Crowd of spectators releived
After a round of applause, the spectators get ready for lunch.
Kiln Shed framed.
The pole kiln shed is framed.
Started putting Tin on the sides
Some siding, windows and roof on the shed.
Kiln Shed finished without Raku Kiln Shed roof.......later.
The kiln is now covered with a shed roof, and sides.  Salvaged hurricane shutters from old studio for exterior door.  Plenty of  free air and ventilation.  The Raku kiln shed roof will be on the right 2/3rds, behind the shrub.  Norm is currently rebuilding the kiln after 20 years of use.  Rebuilding the kiln
Needless to say,  we were extremely happy. The crew from CMF, out of Aurora, NC, did a thouroughly professional job, and not a brick was out of place.  It was placed exactly where I wanted it, and they did'nt put a hole in my new building.  Well Done!
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