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Welcome to the Flower Arranger Gallery
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Flower Arrangers
In 1991, I was determined to find a way to make a simple arrangement of my flowers without having the things fall down, rip out of the frog pins or just look like I shoved a bunch into a jar.  I also didn't like
cutting all my flowers to do so.  Being totally inept at the use of frog pins, I designed these flower arrangers and much to my delight, they work perfectly.  Select any long stem flower (bird of paradise, ginger, glads, daffodils, iris, etc.), add some grasses or rush, and wedge the stems tightly with extra pieces of stem, celery or another flower.  The flowers will last as long as they would in a traditional vase and will stand as long as they are wedged in tight.  You can showcase your flowers as they were grown or select a specimen flower at your florist's. 

The Large Flower Arranger (~ 11" dia. x 2" h.)  is $53.00 plus 
S & H.  Click on image for color choices.
Large Flower Arrangers  1991, Click here for color selection page.
Small Flower Arrangers  1991, Click here for color selection page. SMALL FLOWER ARRANGERS
The Small Flower Arranger (~ 6.5 " dia. x 1.5" h.) is $37.00 plus
S &H.  Click on image for color choices.
Ikebana Vase
The Japanese concept of Ikebana flower arranging is an art which takes years of study and practice to master.  With this vase , one can achieve the simple lines of basic Ikebana which represent "the heavens, earth and humanity".  Two tall stems of differing heights and one horizontal stem  completes the idea, and no frog pins are needed. 
The Small Ikebana Vase is $45.00 plus S & H,
The Large Ikebana Vase is $65.00 plus S & H
Click on right image for colors.
Ikebana Vase Color Choices
The Baby Flower Arrangers (Baby ~ 4.5" base dia. x  2.5" h.)  are $24.00 plus S & H.  Click on image for a larger view.  Click Right on image for colors.
Baby Flower Arrangers  1991 (Click on image to enlarge)
Ash Glaze Flower Arrangers here

Urchin Design Flower Arrangers here

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